The Frogs


No Tomatoes Theatre presents Stephen Sondheim’s adaptation of Aristophanes’ “The Frogs” at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival! Venue #49, Campus St. Jean Auditorium

The time is the present. The place is Ancient Greece.Sick and tired of the citizens of the world being complacent, lazy and dispassionate, Dionysus – (demi) God of Wine and Drama- sets out on a quest to bring back George Bernard Shaw back from Hades to write a new play that will inspire people to hope and take action. With the aid of his hapless slave, Xanthias, Dionysus encounters a colourful cast of characters and braves muck, mire and frogs to save the people from themselves.

Expect fashionable heroes, homoerotic undertones, a big fat doobius, wine-fuelled orgies, a battle of the Bards and of course…FROGS!


Friday, August 15: 3PM
Saturday, August 16: 1PM & 7:30PM
Sunday, August 17: 1PM
Wednesday, August 20: 7:30PM
Thursday, August 21: 7:30PM
Friday, August 22: 4PM & 8PM
Sunday, August 24: 1PM