Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson


BBAJ transforms the controversial 7th President of the United States and founder of the Democratic party into a rock star ready to take back the country from those who’ve done him and the American People wrong. An emotionally driven, gritty satire of a dark period in American history and the man who left behind a bloody legacy that would haunt a people forever.

WARNING: Highly offensive, contains a sh!t ton of foul language, shooting people in the neck for no apparent reason, stimulus packages, hot throbbing populism, fishnet stockings, and as the title promises blood. Of course there’s blood. Come only if you’re 14+ or be a rebel and get someone older to buy you a ticket.

The run of BBAJ put on by No Tomatoes Theatre was the Canadian Premiere.


St. Albert Gazette – Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson


Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson is a musical mash-up of history and emo punk rock that re-envisions this historical figure through a pop culture prism. And it’s one you won’t quickly forget.”